Anthrazit House Front

Anthrazit House

New Construction

Our studio has recently completed Anthrazit House; a contemporary house for an artist in California’s central coast city of Santa Barbara.


Beginning as a "ground up" build, the owner desired that his new home deviate from the prominent local architectural language in order to bring an optimistic, contemporary voice to the scene.  The Anthrazit House is the resulting product of an extensive 5-year collaboration between Owner and Architect.


Project Description

The basis for material selection and the ensuing construction centered on the concept of resilience.  Set on a 1/4-acre sloping lot, the building is a confident gesture composed of concrete, steel and glass. The site’s proximity to the urban-wildland interface required thoughtful consideration of materials and details. The supporting super-structure came to the site as pre-engineered, prefabricated, recycled steel framing. It is the steel skeleton that allows for the expansive openings that are filled with metal-framed glass panels - half of them being operable. The building is wrapped with a fire-resistant skin of color-enhanced insulated metal panels. Every corner and material connection was considered to provide the building further durability should a catastrophic event take place.

What developed was a sleek, sexy, modern steel home that provides a definitive edge for contemporary architecture in Santa Barbara and California's central coast.



Year completed    2014

Building area        3357 SF

Lot area                10,500 SF

Lot slope              41%