Bridge House

Courtyard at dusk...

Courtyard at dusk...

The Bridge House is on the final stretch to completion. The dust is coming off and we're getting ready for an Archtoberfest opening. Join us October 15th for the San Diego MADS Home tour to learn what factors influenced the design of this infill single-family home.

Reality Show, or Reality Check?

We've been watching home improvement reality shows gain popularity over the last 10 years. Some of the decisions - and practices - we see are questionable. And we often ask ourselves; "Do the "clients" have any say in the design?", "How much did they say that will cost?", and "I wonder how long that will last?". This can't possibly be real... Then, comfortably back in our reality, we remember that this is just a "show" and it should only be taken for its entertainment value.

For your reading pleasure, Fast Company has a 2-minute read on a post-show reality TV home renovation nightmare.  Yikes!

Mango House - A luxury facelift

Mango House

Instead of finding a new home, homeowners are finding that they’re getting “more” by upgrading their existing homes. Katy McLaughlin has picked up on that trend in her latest story for the Wall Street Journal.

It's a great way to get exactly what you want without the stress of relocating. And, roughly half of our current projects fit that profile. Follow the link to find more images of the Mango House.

Casa Mariposa construction progress

Construction Progress

Construction Progress

Architects link the design intent to the actual build through accurate drawings and specifications. We follow through with time on the construction site so that all of the effort is accurately interpreted.

Oh, and that orange paint isn't the final color - it's liquid-applied weather-resistive barrier. No more tar paper here!

And it's a wrap!


This year’s San Diego Dwell Home Tour is now in our memory! As we look back, we’ve met with familiar and new design enthusiasts that have recharged our spirit for quality architecture - you guys rock! Thanks to all for making it such a fun and successful event! #dwellhometours