Dolphin Place

Our studio has recently completed Dolphin Place; a contemporary reinterpretation of a post-war era fisherman’s cottage in California’s coastal city of La Jolla.


Two enormous Juniper trees give privacy to this 1950s era fisherman's cottage in Bird Rock.  The owner's grandmother lived there, then his mother and now it was his turn.  He had many childhood memories in the house and wanted to honor the cottage charm, yet he wanted to instill his own personality into the house.

Project Description

The design direction was clear: Honor the family’s house, yet bring it to a new century. We began by maintaining the familiar building form that was prevalent in many Southern California coastal communities. The interior, however, was completely re-imagined. All walls and low ceilings were removed making larger spaces to contain the public functions; Living, Eating, Cooking. A benefit of removing walls was the direct connection to the rear yard. We enclosed the rear of the house with sliding glass walls that bi-pass one another to provide uninterrupted access when open.

The trees remained, but beyond, the house has been reinterpreted with crisp detailing.  Ceilings and walls are opened to display playful furniture and art.  Low maintenance porcelain flooring flows inside and out.  Large glass panels slide past each other to draw you to the private courtyard.  The original garage was transformed into the "white room" where the owner can open the upholstered garage door for indoor/outdoor entertaining.  Stairs lead you to the deck above overlooking the house, courtyard and nightly ocean sunsets.  

The owner has added his own spirit, bringing a new generation into the home.



Year completed    2014

Building area        1260 SF

Lot area                5200 SF