Our Personal Story

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It all started when...

We ran away to marry at temple La Sagrada Familia, an architectural masterwork.  Upon our return, we were inspired to create our own home in our own style (and our own budget).  We designed after hours, on napkins in restaurants with wine in hand, discussing all the influences that would help shape our home until the late hours of the night.   It was important to incorporate the Asian qualities of the homes we appreciated of relatives in Japan.  We kept it minimal, modern, and light.  We exposed the natural materials to let their warmth and coolness interact.  We incorporated the spatial quality of the urban loft we left behind.  We required a connection from every space to the outdoors .  We wanted to cook, to entertain, to welcome family and friends.

Fortunately, a close friend and exceptional builder put everything aside to build our house (prior to this, we had put everything aside to design his).  While construction began on the house, we learned that we were expecting our first child.  Once baby Max was in our life and our new home was complete, it was time to prioritize our goals.  We determined that we wanted to stay close to home to participate in our son's childhood and that we worked well together and both believed in well designed modern architecture.  No, not cold, stark empty spaces that many people assume represents modern, but instead fresh, livable, interesting spaces that can be simple yet comfortable and warm.  This was the beginning of Architects Magnus.

This is our personal story, yet by going through the process of designing and building our own home, we are better able to understand our client's perspective and help them create architecture for the way they live. Designing and building a new home is an opportunity to create something new, unique, and as individual as each client.